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This Website is designed to help you to find the best possible deal for perls jewelry, to read sales and jewelry makers news, to let you compare prices and shop at Ebay and Amazon stores.

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Latest News About Internet And Business
17 Aug 2022 14:00
The 38th edition of the India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) has been ruled a success by organisers after generating more than 50,000 visitors.
17 Aug 2022 14:00
Shareholders of Swiss luxury goods juggernaut Richemont are being urged to vote against the appointment of activist investor Bluebell Capital Partners to the company’s board.
17 Aug 2022 14:00
Pandora has confirmed it will launch its first lab-created diamond jewellery collection in the US.
16 Aug 2022 14:00
The logos of two international jewellery organisations have been removed from the Jewelclaim website, the private business run by Diamond Dealers Club of Australia (DDCA) president, Rami Baron.
31 Jul 2022 14:00
The social media landscape is always changing. MANDY EDWARDS says your marketing strategy must adapt to reflect these changes to avoid failure.
31 Jul 2022 14:00
If behavioural science is so good, why aren’t more people using it? BRI WILLIAMS examines a few common myths about consumer decision-making.
31 Jul 2022 14:00
When it comes to retail, fewer things matter more than providing quality customer service. KIZER & BENDER offer practical ways to improve the impression left upon customers.
31 Jul 2022 14:00
Quality over quantity is one of the most well-known pieces of business wisdom, however how many salespeople ever stop and think about what it really means? DAVID BROCK explores the simple math behind an important business philosophy.
31 Jul 2022 14:00
There’s a shiny new tool in the social media marketing world and it’s called TikTok. SHANE O’NEILL weighs up the pros and cons of the application for retailers.
31 Jul 2022 14:00
To the average consumer, or even the average jewellery sales assistant, pearls are often known to be gloriously lustrous, covered in glittering nacre, as close to white as possible, and aiming to be perfectly round.
31 Jul 2022 14:00
Yuki Mathwin believes that jewellery is a form of expression, with simple pieces capable of holding remarkable meaning to different people. One piece of jewellery can tell many stories.
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