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This Website is designed to help you to find the best possible deal for perls jewelry, to read sales and jewelry makers news, to let you compare prices and shop at Ebay and Amazon stores.

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Latest News About Internet And Business
14 Jul 2019 10:00
Australian diamond expert Garry Holloway has unveiled a new innovation that allows jewellers to describe the size of a round diamond, as it appears to the human eye.
14 Jul 2019 10:00
An internal review by Michael Hill International has discovered widespread underpayment of its Australian retail workers over the past six years.
14 Jul 2019 10:00
The organisers of the International Jewellery & Watch Fair, Expertise Events, have announced new workshops and speakers for the show as well as the Jewellery Design Awards judges.
14 Jul 2019 10:00
Thomas Sabo has released its autumn/winter collection – the first campaign to feature the brand’s new celebrity face, Rita Ora.
14 Jul 2019 10:00
Dates have been announced for the biennial International Colored Gemstone Association Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.
14 Jul 2019 10:00
Moda Group has confirmed it will return to distributing Roamer watches after the collapse of Lion Brands, and intends to relaunch the brand next month.
8 Jul 2019 10:00
The big brands want us watchmakers to repair their watches, but they make getting the necessary spare parts maddeningly difficult, prohibitively expensive, or completely impossible.
8 Jul 2019 10:00
STEPHEN DICKINS' biggest health concern is his eyes. 
8 Jul 2019 10:00
A snapshot of the industry events that made news headlines in the July 2009 issue of Jeweller.
8 Jul 2019 10:00
THE WEARER's jewellery is displayed on raw, cut marble blocks.
8 Jul 2019 10:00
Writing for the web is all about using accessible language. GRAHAM JONES warns retailers not to get bogged down in business speak when creating their digital content, even if they think it sounds impressive to readers.
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